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International Children & Youth Animation Film Festival Zurich

chiyoko 2015

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More than 300 children and adults visited the chiyoko and made their contribution to a wonderful atmosphere.

The official festival trailer

Thanks to the youth team for the drawings, to Dustin Rees for editing and to Eugen Danzinger for the sound design.

This year's winners

Best Drawing / chiyoko trophy 2015

Anouk Vincent chiyoko trophy 2015 Switzerland

Competition CHI

Best film Die Geheimnisse der Bäume Zuckerwattenkrawatten Germany
2nd prize Der Cosmospinguin Luca Potskishivili Austria
3rd prize Der Hammer Switzerland
Special Mention Tudo Verdim (All Green) Angelo Pereira Xavier Indigenous School Brazil
Special Mention Ferdinand Sophie Medienwerkstatt Germany

Competition YO

Best film Sum Sum Ursin Casutt Switzerland
2nd prize Die Wunderkiste Switzerland
3rd prize The Fire Zuckerwattenkrawatten Germany
Special Mention Cousin Bert camera-etc Belgium

Competition KO

Best film Rabbit and Tortoise New Gen Race Deepak Kumar India
2nd prize List (The Leaf) Klara Hacek Croatia
3rd prize von KLEEblatt zu KLEEblatt Lea Hofer Switzerland
Special Mention Bill and the Alien Makif H High School Rishon Le Tzion Israel

Audience Award

Die Wunderkiste Switzerland

The workshopfilms guided by HSLU

Thanks to Irmgard Walthert and Adrian Flückinger of the HSLU.

The workshop films guided by Gabriel Möhring

Thanks to Gabriel Möhring, animation artist.

TV-Show SRF myZambo

The Secrets of the Trees

Winner Category CHI by Zuckerwattenkrawatten (Germany)

Sum Sum

Winner Category YO by Fabian, Mauro, Ursin, Andrin (Switzerland)

Rabbit and Tortoise New Gen Race

Winner Category KO von Deepak Kumar (India)